Thursday, May 28, 2009

Two for One...

Since the holiday was on Monday I didn't do my usual "Kitty Collage". So I decided to have a "Two for One".

This is a series of photos documenting Starbuck's afternoon ritual of napping and sunbathing. It's the same every sunny afternoon. Snooze, snooze, roll around, roll around, STRETCH.

Every weekend, either a Friday night or a Saturday night I make homemade pizza. It's better and heathier than getting take out. I use Martha's recipe that I found on her website.(I'll blog my pizza making later.) I normally use the Muir Glen pizza sauce which is really tasty. The other day I decided I wanted to make my own sauce. It came out really good. As usual when I make up my own recipe or through things together I do it by taste the first time before actually writing up a recipe. Here are the basic ingrediants;

tomato puree

tomato sauce

diced tomatoes

chopped onions

minced garlic

olive oil

dried basil



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