Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Favorites!

I confess, I'm a hugh trekkie! I absolutly love "Star Trek". I've seen every episode of the original series and the "Next Generation" a 1,000 times. I own all the movies and have watched them more times then I can count! So when I heard a couple years ago there was going to be a new "Star Trek" I was a little apprehensive and a little excited. So I crossed my finger and hope for a good story and lots of action.

When I found out the J.J. Abrams( he created a great show and another favorite "Lost") was doing the new movie the excitment level went up a few notions. As time went on there were rumors the story line would be about the orignal crew when they first enter the Star Fleet Academy, again the excitement level was growing. But when I found out Zachary Quinto (he plays Sylar on "Heros") was going to play Spock , oh boy! What a great choice!

So on May 7th we got ticket to a prescreening at the IMAX theater in downtown Reading. I was so excited I couldn't stand myself!

People were dresed in there Star Fleet finest and the anticipation was electrifying.

It didn't disappoint! The movie was excellant. It had the feeling of the old "Star Trek" but wrapped in a really cool new bow.

Now if you are not a "Star Trek" fan you need to go just to take a look at the new Captian Kirk, Chris Pine! Hubba! Hubba! So this is another favorite!!!!

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