Thursday, July 31, 2008

We've got names!

I talked to Mark about names and we came up with "Starbuck" & "Boomer". We are both really hugh "Battlestar Galactic" and two of the main woman caracters are named Starbuck & Boomer. The orange on will be Starbuck and the tan one will be Boomer.

It's confirmed, I am a crazy cat lady!

I went to the Berkshire Mall this morning and walked past the pet shop. An hour later I came home with these gals! I called Mark and then the deal was done. They've already been to the vet and all is good. I haven't name them yet. Any suggestions? (forgive the quality of the pictures some are a little out of focus.) Oliver hasn't met them yet. I'm going to wait a few days.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've become a crazy cat lady!

I just hung this clock I bought on vacation in Cape May. The one reason I love it, besides the black cat, the tail wags! The store was really neat, I don't feel the website does the store justice, but I like it anyway!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dream Kitchen

Mark and I built our house 7 years, it's our first house, it's a semi-attached, and it's in a crowded neighborhood. We plan on selling and building another house within a few years. We want to be away form the suburban sprawl. Of course now is not the time to sell, but I've been collecting ideas for the new house.
Ever since I saw "Something's Gotta Give" I've been in love with that house!! The kitchen is my favorite. So I just have to be patience.

This is the from the movie. The layout and classic features is great!

I found this picture of a similar kitchen. It does need a little splash of color.
I always tend to watch movies over and over again when I enjoy looking at the set decorations.
My usual go to's are:
"Practical Magic"
"You've got Mail"
"Under the Tuscan Sun"
"Because I Said So"
"Mr Blandings Builds his Dream House"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

random shots

At it again

Since I had been gone for a week and prior to that very busy I haven't taken any pictures of Oliver. He still hates it and I still love it! I'm considering adding another cat to our small family and I would like any advice how to introduce it to Oliver without it being to tramatic. He is so spoiled I'm afraid he'll have a nervous breakdown!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Sorry I've been away so long. I was so busy for the last few weeks. We also went on vacation the week after the 4th to my favorite place, Cape May, NJ. We went down with my bestfriend Jen and her family. We had a great time!
This is walking up to the house. It was a great place! So close to Sunset beach.

The house was next to the farm that housed the horses and carriages to take people around Cape May. This is a guinea hen from the farm, there were also 2 others they would wonder over to our yard. I was in heaven! I love farms.

This is the grill at Sunset Beach.

Cape May lighthouse

Jen is a photographer and she just created a new blog,
She posted this collage.