Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What a Busy Week!!

I've had such a busy week. Instead of my usual one day a week at the fabric store, I was there 3 days, I had 2 houses to clean, and I've been helping my BFF Jen with her new office/studio at our local arts center called the Google Works. I love this place, there are artist, writer, composers, and even glass blowers that have studios. It's free and you can wonder around watching people work, not only that but there is a theater were they show "arty" films. I keep calling it the Soho of Reading. The space is almost set up. We took several trips to IKEA just to find those right furnishings that have that downtown feel. I can't wait to take pictures!!

I have some collages of random things, plus the weekly kitty collage.

It's that time of the year for planning the garden. I've been looking through my seed catalogues and my Father-in-Law already bought me some seeds. I enlarged my vegetable garden at the end of the season last year so now I need to replot were to plant my bounty.

These are shots when Jen and I went to check out the studio. The kids are hers, Ryan and Josh. There was an artist renting the space previously and was moving. Google Works was an old factory that made protective eyewear, hence the name Google Works.

I took these on a quite rainy day, I love how much they love each other. I'm so glad I took them both. It upsets me to think if I didn't get to them first they could have been split up.

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