Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wallpaper Woes...

So we built our house about 8 years ago. We never intended to stay more than 7 to 10 years. But now with the economy and the housing market we decided to just hunker down for a few more years.

When I first started to decorate the downstairs I was really into the whole "French Provincal", reds, yellows, and blues. In my kitchen there is a weird shaped wall which holds the pantry. I decided to paint it red. It balanced the room with the red drapes I made in the living area.

3 years later...tired of the red. I found Barefoot Contessa and her fabulous East Hampton home and I wanted that east coast casual feel. I changed the red drapes with oatmeal color linen and found a wallpaper in a wonder tone-on-tone green(working for Waverly is very dangerous)which was like the wall in Ina's kitchen. Even though the wall is really small it was not a fun task hanging the wallpaper.

Another 5 years...regretting the wallpaper(still loving the color). I didn't think about splashing and stains that would occur and not being able to clean it off. So here is the step by step process of removing the wallpaper and painting stripes the exact color as the wallpaper. I should have done this from day one. If you can believe this was an easier project than hanging wallpaper. My suggestion if you want a stripe wall, paint!

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