Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Completed Project

Everytime I'm hired to sew or make ribbon boards I have every intention of taking pictures and then I never do. So one of many resolutions this year was making sure I document the projects I do.
This ribbon board was for my Aunt. She supplied the fabric and upholstery tacks. I use a thin layer of batting over Homosote fiberboard, which I think is the best material for making a board. It's very sturdy but not so dense that you can't attach the tacks.


I'm not sure if I'm really digging this. I want to have a transitional look for the winter then I want to fill this with flowers for the spring and summer.

I bought this small wreath to hang on my kitchen window.

1 comment:

Kenn said...

I think it's so hard to decorate this time of year. I love your ribbon boards... what kind of board do you use?
As always, love your blog!