Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dream Kitchen

Mark and I built our house 7 years, it's our first house, it's a semi-attached, and it's in a crowded neighborhood. We plan on selling and building another house within a few years. We want to be away form the suburban sprawl. Of course now is not the time to sell, but I've been collecting ideas for the new house.
Ever since I saw "Something's Gotta Give" I've been in love with that house!! The kitchen is my favorite. So I just have to be patience.

This is the from the movie. The layout and classic features is great!

I found this picture of a similar kitchen. It does need a little splash of color.
I always tend to watch movies over and over again when I enjoy looking at the set decorations.
My usual go to's are:
"Practical Magic"
"You've got Mail"
"Under the Tuscan Sun"
"Because I Said So"
"Mr Blandings Builds his Dream House"

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Claudine said...

I loved that kitchen as well. Great movie picks, Mr Blandings is a all time favorite. Well anything with Cary Grant really....